With the dawn of the electronic age more information in shared worldwide on a daily basis than in a year’s time when Mom and Dad were kids. At ict-science-to-society I report on the findings that have the potential to universally impact our health and well being. I shine a light on the little known, as well as the headline grabbers that influence the way we approach and interact with the world from a personal health point of view.

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Every society has engaging customs and unique quirks, and that’s what makes the world such a fascinating place. At ict-science-to-society I share interesting facts and news that come from various aspects of a number of different societies concerning health. As examples; some European countries are more open to considering different facets of health investigation while other societies frown upon the exact same research. It may be discovered that a virus is deadly to one group of people, but the indigenous of the same society are not afflicted by it at all. These are subjects of fascination to this writer, and ict-science-to-society hopes to bring more of these topics to light.

I appreciate looking deeper into what might be considered the ordinary, and discovering the intricacies of what could effect us as individuals when we venture deeper into the crevices of society.

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