Close-up of a dandelion Society is enamored with good looks. Scientific research has repeatedly shown that the better looking – according to society’s standard – that you are, the more advantages the world presents. The best limo Kitchener has to offer pulls up and takes you away on a special journey.

On a psychological level when we see someone who is tall, dark and handsome, or blonde, leggy and glowing we assume they have other traits that are equally as attractive. We might unconsciously dub them with traits they don’t necessarily deserve. We often automatically give them attributes like having a strong character or that they are smart, worldly or witty. This misconception goes on in all corners of society; in the workplace and the classroom, the playground and the coffee shop, even the courtroom.

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chemtrail-contrailScience plays a role in every aspect of our lives, even down to – or should I say up to, the air we breath. If there’s one common denominator we all share, it’s the air we breath.

Our atmosphere is a very dynamic place and it is vital that we do not upset that balance beyond the capabilities of the planet to sustain them. The air we breath is an important part of life and without it life would not be the same as it currently is on planet earth today.

It doesn’t matter if you work for a luxurious waterloo limousine rental company or you push a plow behind oxen, we all have the God given right to breath clean air. So if there is an indication that science is fooling around with one of our basic fundamentals, enjoyed by every society, sophisticated or primitive, it’s important to get some of the back story.  Continue reading

Healthy-BrainWe all hope to get older. Naturally, we all wish we could stay young forever, but there are only two alternatives – getting older or . . . not. We’ve heard it said that getting older is not for sissies. Even into our forties we begin to realize that no truer statement has ever been uttered.

However the advantages of getting on in years can play in our favor if – and that is a major “if” we have a healthy brain. Of course, there are other factors to growing old with grace, but if our minds are operating on all cylinders then we are able to make robust and effective choices as we go.

Protecting our brains has never been more at the forefront of society than it is today. We all know of someone who is suffering dementia or Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, we haven’t developed an effective way to leverage our crane service company to hoist those troubles out of our lives completely. Just a few generations back, these cognitive disorders weren’t nearly as prevalent in society as they are now. Other internal plumbing seemed to give out before our brains let us down. Sure these conditions were still a part of life, but more infrequent than today’s commonplace.

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BacteriaSome of us have an inordinate fear of germs, while others walk around totally oblivious to the fact that the little microbes are lurking in every knook and cranny of our world. I personally fall somewhere in-between. While I cringe when I see someone leaving a public restroom without washing their hands, I take it as a reminder not to touch my face – no matter what – when I’m in a public place.

Since I can’t avoid touching things that others before me have handled, I do my best to implement safe personal precautions. Do you think I’m catering to the fear rather than the reality? I don’t think so, but it’s important to maintain a healthy frame of mind on the subject, and not get nutsy and start ordering haz mat suits for all seasons.

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