chemtrail-contrailScience plays a role in every aspect of our lives, even down to – or should I say up to, the air we breath. If there’s one common denominator we all share, it’s the air we breath.

Our atmosphere is a very dynamic place and it is vital that we do not upset that balance beyond the capabilities of the planet to sustain them. The air we breath is an important part of life and without it life would not be the same as it currently is on planet earth today.

It doesn’t matter if you work for a luxurious waterloo limousine rental company or you push a plow behind oxen, we all have the God given right to breath clean air. So if there is an indication that science is fooling around with one of our basic fundamentals, enjoyed by every society, sophisticated or primitive, it’s important to get some of the back story. What are Contrails?
We all have looked up into the sky and seen the white streak that comes from the exhaust of a jet. Children playfully refer to this display as sky writing or sky scraping. Sometimes that trail will dissipate in a matter of minutes and some will linger for half a day or more.

A vapor trail or contrail is a natural by-product of a jet’s exhaust system when flying through a high altitude, and very cold atmosphere. Additionally the atmosphere at altitudes a jet typically flies is often of low vapor pressure. The hot, and humid air that is released by the jet’s exhaust along with low vapor pressure immediately turns the thin air it encounters into ice crystals. What we see from the ground is the reaction of the hot vapor, the exhaust, hitting the frigid air and turning into white condensation. This is known as a condensation trail or contrail.

What is a Chemtrail?
Popular among the conspiracy theorist groups is another explanation for some of the white streaks we see left in the sky after a jet flies over. The questions brought up are based more in theory than hard facts. Nonetheless, several independent and reputable studies have been done on the subject. While the contrails have a tendency to dissipate relatively quickly, proponents of the chemtrail theory ask why some trails linger for an hour or more?

They propose that the vapor is not simply jet exhaust – which by the way is already laden with chemicals, but is a result of additional chemicals intentionally spewed into the atmosphere for scientific study. Studies involving environmental controls including, but not limited to weather modulation, solar radiation management, climate engineering as well as other forms of biological manipulation. Some theorist go as far as to strongly suggest that chemicals noted as aluminum salts, barium, polymer fibers, silicon carbide and thorium are being seeded into our clouds. Eventually they fall to earth and contaminate our waters and soil, affecting the overall health and well-being of the general populace.  chemtrails-in-the-sky-001

In this writer’s opinion there are enough conspiracy theories floating around covering any number of subjects to keep us entertained for decades. Some hold more credence than others and I’m not one for jumping on board without more substance. HAARP; High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project has been targeted as the research center behind chemtrails. It is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S Navy, U.S Air Force, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as well as the University of Alaska. While I’m not convinced altogether that HAARP has our best interest at heart, there is not enough solid evidence to the contrary.

Personally the book is not closed yet as to whether the trails that lasts for a half a day instead of a few minutes are natural water vapor or enhanced chemical matter. I prefer to be a little naive at times and believe that the evil doers are not tampering with the very breath of life. There would be no escaping the consequences of their actions. It’s hard to imagine that the number of people it would take to pull off such a huge project would cooperate in dooming their own.

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